Hi there, my name is Russel Quadros

I’m a strategic design practitioner and creative consultant, working remotely from Jacksonville, FL, USA Seoul, South Korea.

I currently do client work through my design practice, Temper, where I specialize in leading creative strategy and establishing brand design for teams at growing companies. My career spans over twenty years in design, half of which has been spent working remotely, and primarily on branding digital experiences.

When I’m not transforming complex concepts into simple and elegant design solutions, I enjoy traveling (when possible), learning to cook old family recipes, discovering new music, and spending time with my British diplomat girlfriend fiancée wife and our Iranian mountain dog.

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My soft skills are goal oriented to support teams and transform design within an organization:

• Defining strategic processes
• Leading healthy discourse
• Managing team relationships
• Guiding distributed teams
• Attention to detail
• Articulating value of design


My technical capabilities lie in delivering strategic tools that help make a brand distinct:

• Brand strategy & direction
• Brand identity systems
• Style guides
• UI design kits
• Print materials & templates
• Website/App design layouts

I also work as an independent design consultant/contributor, and have collaborated with agencies or in-house teams for clients such as:

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2020 — I was hired by Ruckus Advertising to help design a new visual style and layout for the Nemours 2019 Annual Report.

Bureau of Digital
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2016–2019 — I worked with the team at Bureau of Digital to design marketing and event materials for all their events, from 2016 through 2019.

Wharton Interactive

2018 — I was hired by Lincoln Loop, to partner with their team and the team at Wharton Interactive in the early stages to help design and define the UI & UX of their ARC platform.

Headshot of Russel Quadros

2018 — I was hired by Lincoln Loop, to partner with their team and the team at UNICEF to design a marketing site for the launch of their tool, RapidPro for Health.

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2018 — I spent a couple weeks working with the design team at Peerfit to explore potential visual concepts for refining their brand identity.

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2017–2018 — I was hired by the Fervent marketing team to produce several Samsung sales and marketing materials for the Galaxy Note 8, S8, and S9

Tuft & Needle
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2016 — I worked with the design team at T&N to create a 200+ pg hardcover book documenting and celebrating their 2016 retreat, along with some team merchandise.

Advent: Black Diamond
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2015 — I worked with the team at Black Diamond to redesign the UI for the overhaul of their fintech webapp, and define a responsive UI design system that could be easily implemented.